OCCRI stands for the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute. Every year, OCCRI releases the Oregon Climate Assessment Report, or the OCAR. During an OSU class called Sustainable Graphic Design, we had the opportunity to work with the scientists at OCCRI to design a website about the 2019 OCAR. 
The goal of this website design was to create something that everyday people can enjoy, regardless of whether or not they are familiar with OCCRI or the complexities of climate science. My project group (Kat Brint, Maddie Yamamoto, and myself) worked hard to take the dense information of the 2019 report and split it up into small, digestible chunks that would be easy to read for the average viewer. Our use of bright colors, pictures, and animations were also intended to attract the non-scientists of the world. ​​​​​​​
My biggest contribution to this group project was the recreation, simplification, and animation of the many graphs that the OCCRI team provided us with. I enjoyed learning how to use Adobe AfterEffects during this project.
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